The mission of fplus is simple: to help you sound your best, no matter what! Whether you’re recording at the studio, using a creative service, or just asking advice, fplus is a reliable resource to help your project sound awesome. Not ready to record but want some feedback on your newest song? Struggling to find that perfect collaborator or performer for your track? Tired of demos but not sure where to go next? We can help!

Even if fplus isn’t right for you, we will always focus on your success.

About the Owner

I’m the primary force behind fplus studios. When you’re scheduling studio time, considering proposals, and recording your next project, you’re doing it with me, so I think it’s important for you to know a little about me. I’ve been a music lover all my life and have been pursuing music seriously in one form or another for last 18 years. Classically trained and equipped with experience in several environments including broadcasting, live engineering, and studio recording, I’ve honed a unique skill set that utilizes my passion, focus, and resourcefulness to capture great sounds for unforgettable music. All music has value and deserves a voice worthy to tell it, but I have a special place in my heart for the avant-garde, eccentric, weird, and mysterious. The work, dedication, and passion that goes into one’s craft makes all the difference and can turn a strange idea into a household phrase or a little tune into a timeless classic. If you think you know what I mean, even a little, let’s make some sounds together!