Every project is unique and comes with its own set of requirements, goals, and challenges. Because taste and expectation can vary greatly from client to client, and because recording is essentially a collaborative process, the importance of flexibility and understanding in your collaborators can’t be understated. For these reasons, rates are based on the requirements of your project. The first step is to get in touch and talk about the aspirations you have for your music. Once the dialog is started, it doesn’t take long to receive a professional proposal that details the cost, time, and services required for your project.


Recording is the most important step in studio production. During this phase of the production process, you make the most important decisions about your art. From solo guitar to a full band to simple voice-overs, fplus can accommodate a variety of ensembles and artists.

Warm and welcoming, you’ll always sound great and feel right at home. Waiting for a bandmate to cut a track? Have a seat on the couch and play some video games, or cuddle up with one of our resident studio felines to pass the time.


Mixing is the process of uncovering and highlighting the magic captured during recording. During this phase, subtle adjustments to dynamics, EQ, and balancing can take a good recording to the next level.

Recorded some tracks at another studio? No problem! Simply provide the stems to get a quality mix without leaving the house. Of course, you’re always welcome to visit no matter what the project!

Creative Services

If you’re a professional, you understand that having a great recording is just a starting point. It often takes a concentrated, long-term effort and team of individuals for a record to gain real traction, so let fplus help!

In addition to studio services, fplus can provide connections to other professional musicians for you to collaborate and contract with. Need a violinist or pianist for a track? Want an original song to showcase your talents? How about a soundtrack for your commercial or creative project? We’ve got you covered!

Need a website to advertise songs, tour dates, or promotions? fplus can do that, too! Subscribe to our hosting service and get a professional website in no time! You’ll get full access to your site so you can add content, users, media, or anything else that fits your needs.